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Information Technology Services (ITS) is proud to announce the Student Scholar's Training Program (SSTP), a service to provide the training pieces that are part of the Integrated Technology Strategy and the CSULA campus Baseline Access, Training and Support plan.

Each quarter the SSTP presents a series of free hands-on computer workshops ranging from beginner to advanced-level. There are over a dozen titles to choose from including a six-part series for the entire MS Office 2003 suite. Each of the hands-on workshops is accompanied by step-by-step instructions and sample data files.

Note: Authentication is required to access these workbooks. Currently enrolled students may login with their NIS accounts.

In addition to hands-on workshops, the SSTP develops detailed digital documentation for software applications available in the Open Access computer labs. You can access this material online at

The SSTP uses a Student Teaching Student model. Qualified candidates from the campus are recruited and trained on delivering the content with the Learning Cycle. We provide robust synchronous live workshops by following the Learning Cycle:

1. Say It
The presentation of a topic is performed by the Student Trainer on a PC, which displays the contents of the screen to the entire training lab using an overhead projector.

2. Show It
An exercise is performed by the Student Trainer using the step-by-step instructions each workshop participant has been given in order to follow along.

3. Do It
The workshop participants perform the same exercise aided by the Student Trainer and a "Workshop Assistant" who roams the room providing real-time assistance.

4. Say It Again
The Student Trainer provides a summary after observing the class has completed the exercise. We then move on to a new topic.

Workshops are held in two different locations: (1) Library South Palmer Wing, room 1080 (Library Link Training Lab) and (2) King Hall basement, room C171(King Hall Training Lab ). Each training lab is equipped with 15 workstations for participants, 1 workstation for the instructor, and an overhead projector to display instructor's desktop. In addition, both of these labs are fully developed and refreshed on a three-year cycle.

The center for the Student Scholar's Training Program is located in Library South Palmer Wing, room 1080. Please forward any questions or comments to or call (323)343-5369.

Creating a Webpage Using HTML Part 1
The most important steps in creating a good website, is ensuring that it can accommodate all of the information that is placed onto there in a functional manner. In part one, tables, CSS, and hyperlinks will be used to create the framework of the website.

Creating a Webpage Using HTML Part 2
After creating framework of the website there are many ways to enhance the website. This workshop will show you how to add pictures (and create thumbnails for them), embed flash documents, and create a template page.

Creating a Webpage Using HTML Part 3
The final part of the workshop series will deal with creating links within the webpage as well as for other pages for the website, using additional CSS to modify the different variables within the site, creating an “archive” page and uploading the final product onto the internet.

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